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We strive to create a valuable impact on tissue banking and to add value throughout the industry.

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Noviotissue and Biocut partnered up to provide better processing solutions for Tissue Banks. “We are proud to have a partner such as Noviotissue. They have the same customer- focused mindset as we have. They understand that we are in this to solve problems and add real value to for tissue banks and their processes, not just selling tools". John Reimer

John Reimer

Biocut Systems, USA

Our extensive network covers EMEA, USA and East Asia. This gives us a good understanding of local and border crossing regulations. Together with a sense for local needs and costums we are the bridge between Tissue Bank and distributor. This in combination with our scientific expertise and in house medical specialists enables us to provide personalized solutions around the world.

Tissue banking network

Flemming Bertram is our partner in Denmark for distributing allografts. We have put together a portfolio dedicated to his market area. “Noviotissue has connections with a variety of tissue banks in Europe and the U.S. making them a key partner for me. They have been supportive in further developing the market” Flemming Betram

Flemming Bertram

KnogleMekanik , Denmark

Human tissue is altruistically donated, which brings great responsibility. Our motivation is therefore clear: the wellbeing of the patients and a good outcome of the medical procedure. Throughout the whole process we try to assist with the right backgrounds and information, while we are eager to follow the healing of the patient. The involvement throughout is only possible on a basis of mutual trust and respect and is therefore most valuable for us.

Allograft portfolio

Sanda Negrea is one of the Implantologist using human tissue. “within our practice we made the decision to solely use human tissue because the ingrowth and remodeling is very good. Noviotissue is not only our supplier but they also advise us.

Sanda Negrea

Dental Practice Negrea, The Netherlands

Noviotissue’s expertise lies in the field of regenerative medicine, research and clinical testing. We have access to experts in the use of transplants and research groups which actively investigate the regeneration and outcome of surgeries. Our own R&D department focusses on nothing but improving the effectiveness and potency of human tissue derived solutions. Our philosophy is one of collaboration, we see the strengths of ourselves but also of others, together you work more efficient.

Tissue Innovation

Noviotissue works together with OST on the development of a new type of bone graft. “I like that they are straightforward and honest. During development things don’t always go according to plan, but Noviotissue has a hands -on and pragmatic approach to achieve our mutual goals This combined with their biochemicals knowledge makes them the perfect partner for us.” Hubert ...

Hubert Guibourt

OST Dévelopment, France

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John Reimer

General Manager

Sanda Negrea

Dentist - Implantologist

Flemming Bertram