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Allograft portfolio

ENT surgery

For ENT surgeons we offer several innovative tissues in Myringoplasty and rhinoplasty. Please contact us for pricing and graft specifications.

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Implantology & dental surgery

In collaboration with ETB-BISLIFE we offer a wide range of bone grafts for the dental industry. Please contact us for prices and graft specifications.

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Our cooperation with

We operate closely with the Dutch Tissue Bank ETB-BISLIFE. Together we promote the use of allograft tissue in the Netherlands and strive to give donated tissue the most meaningfull purpose. We see our direct connections and feedback from specialists as key, the continuous discourse proves to be an impulse for Noviotissue, ETB-BISLIFE and specialists alike.


“Thinking differently is what we like. There is a wide range of allograft tissue avaiable for the specialist. Allograft is a perfect alternative to autograft, and somethimes even more favourable. Our goal is to spread the word about the possibilties and to develop new solutions.”

“Get in contact with us to discuss your challenge!”

Tonny Voermans, Managing Director