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Tissue Innovation

Tissue based regenerative medicine

Noviotissue runs several R&D projects in regenerative medicine. Through our distribution network, we are enabled to gather direct feedback from medical specialists, which we translate into costumer needs. Our company’s scientists are dedicated to transforming these costumer need into actual solutions. Through this Noviotissue was able to realize novel applications of human tissues and has expanded on clinical indications of conventional tissues. Furthermore, as the step to medical devices is rather small, we are invested in the development of adjacent biopolymers and proteins to attain similar regenerative characteristics.

Example project: Optimization of processing human skin

For ETB-BISLIFE Noviotissue is investegating the processing of donor skin to optimize the production of Glyaderm. The intial aim, was to shorten production time and increase reproducibility and volumes, while maintaining the highest quality standards. To decellularize donor skin it is either exposed to basic- or acidic aqueous solutions for a prolonged period of time. Especially these timeframes are far from optimized, due to overshooting. Our  scientists have set up parametric and analytical experiments to find more efficient protocols that help reducing production times and increasing yields.


Example project: MyringoPatch and StemDisk

The MyringoPatch is developed by Noviotissue to have an easier method to close the perforated tympanic membrane. Myringopatch is thinned fascia lata to a thickness comparable with the tympanic membrane. The pre-shaped patch is suitable for both primary and revision surgery and canal wall down restoration. For smaller perforations the amnion patch is very suitable. The amnion patch is avaiable in two sizes and is called StemDisk.

Our approach of development

When developing customized solutions, we divide the project into phases.

Phase 1: feasibility study

During this phase the requirements are determined. We will advise you how the product would roughly look like and which possibilities there are. Then we use literature to support the choices and check the feasibility.

Phase 2: Research & Development

With small scale pilots different options are tested. The required analysis will be performed to support the sample with quantitative data. The material is optimized in close cooperation with our partners.

Phase 3: Upscaling

During the upscaling process we check how the different components behave when produced on a larger scale. Adaptions in mixtures and process steps need adaptations to keep the product characteristics and have an efficient process.

Phase 4: Manufacturing

BioMed has the capabilities to set up, implement and implement the manufacturing of the described functional biomaterials. We have access to a high tech manufacturing facility. Currently we are working towards obtaining ISO-13485 classification and a GMP classified facility.

Noviotissue’s experience here is in the field of regenerative medicine, research and clinical testing. We have access to experts in the use of transplants and research groups which actively investigate the regeneration and outcome of surgeries. New technologies, such as electrospinning, and techniques, such as coating, can be used in combination with human tissues and cells. We have experience in this field and the capabilities to help our partners develop and finetune their product

~ Joost Mulders, project manager at Noviotissue