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Our products

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All tissues from ETB-BISLIFE originate from Dutch donors, we believe in a sustainable- and self-supporting donation network. The altruistically donated tissues therefore serve a life enhancing purpose and are targeted at Dutch professionals and patients alike.

To provide the best quality, the processing methods of ETB-BISLIFE’s bone grafts are performed in such a way that the constrains on the tissue is reduced to a minimum, while maintaining the highest medical standards. Through decades of experience, ETB-BISLIFE has mastered this aseptic processing and is able to avoid a terminal sterilization. This conserves the biomechanical and physiological properties of the bone grafts contributing to optimal remodelling and bone regeneration.

Lastly, one of our main interests is to keep track of donor tissue and final transplantation destination. Through an extensive traceability administration, we are able to guarantee this traceability and ultimately the safety for the patient.